Join Hands with us to Uplift Nepal

A village named Langtang in Nepal was the worst affected by the recent earthquake. The villagers who are still there do have food and shelter but they want to bury their dead. They say they want help to bring the bodies up from Langtang village to a site at the top of the valley. They […]

Latest update regarding Nepal

Around 4000 people have been killed in the recent massive earthquake. Many have lost their homes and are shocked by the incident.  Temporary camps and shelters have been set up. People are hungry and homeless. They are devastated, scared and shattered. Many believers of a church in Katmandu were promoted to glory  during a worship […]

Pray for people in Nepal , India, Tibet and Bangladesh suffering due to earthquake

A powerful earthquake — the country’s worst in 80 years — rocked mountainous Nepal on Saturday, killing more than 1,400 people and leveling buildings and centuries-old temples. Dozens if not hundreds remained trapped under mounds of rubble. Hospitals in the capital of Katmandu were so crowded that many of the injured were treated outside in […]

Pray for Christians persecuted throughout the world

Persecution is everywhere. And we shouldn’t just care because these are fellow Christians being killed and imprisoned; we should care because these are humans facing undeserved cruelty at the hands of other humans. Praying is always the solution, because without it, you would be doing nothing but sitting idle without concerns about problems you’re removed […]

Something About Prayer Partners for JCY

Partnership is more than sharing. It is holding things in common, a contract relationship where all have equal interest and obligation. Paul had invested himself in them so that they may know the Lord and grow in grace. His prayer is that God would finish His work of setting them apart for Himself. He characterizes […]